Vermilion Parish Culture

Culture & Heritage

Vermilion Parish is "The Most Cajun Place on Earth" according to Census Bureau records with nearly 50% of the citizens claiming Cajun ancestry.

The towns in Vermilion Parish date back to the 1800's and were the settling grounds for many of the French Acadiens after their expulsion from Nova Scotia. Vermilion Parish boasts of a number of other immigrants as well from European, Sicilian, Asian, Hispanic and African descent. Cajun French is still spoken in the rural parts of the parish and in several of the towns.

World-renown Cajun cooking is also a wonderful part of our heritage and there's plenty of great restaurants in Vermilion Parish to showcase it. Our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico also means we have an abundance in fresh seafood for our amazing cuisine. Southern hospitality is also alive and well among our borders, so you'll feel like family before you leave and come back again and again to visit.