Incorporated in 1902 on what was formerly part of a large plantation, early Kaplan was a tent city until the Southern Pacific Railroad connected it to Gueydan and Abbeville. The original settlement was located in Cossinade. Kaplan's present location places it in a pivotal spot, guiding people east and west on LA 14, north to the Interstate on LA 35 and south to the Gulf of Mexico along the same route. It is also the home of country music's national superstar Sammy Kershaw. Cedric Benoit, another homegrown talent, does well in Branson, Missouri. Located on a neatly kept Main Street with home town stores lining both sides, you'll find a museum filled with history on the local Mardi Gras celebration hosted by the Krewe of Chic à la Pie as well as area families and places. Head south to Suire's on the corner of LA 35 and LA 335, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. You'll soon find out why this small restaurant received favorable food reviews in the New York Times and other periodicals. Pull up a chair and have a can of 'pop' while you wait for lunch and read the history on the walls. You can even take home frozen entrées like Turtle Sauce Picante or Shrimp Pistolettes for your next dinner party.